Definitive Ecology responds to market demands with multiple solutions for optimal management of mechanical pre-treatments, indispensable to protect the treatment plant water line from risks of clogging caused mainly by the presence of coarse solids and abrasion, due to the inevitable presence of grit and gravel in raw slurries from sewers.

The mechanical-physical process employed to remove part of the settleable organic substances contained in slurries includes screening and grit, F.O.G. separation.

In particular, in the case of municipal membrane bioreactor (MBR) plants, Definitive Ecology offers fine screening machines designed for medium-high flow rates, suitable for use with high concentrations of suspended solids and ideal for the removal of hair, fabric, fibres, etc. and, in the final analysis, reducing the risk of sludge accumulation.

Finally, Definitive Ecology offers a range of equipment for the management of powders, especially batch feeders that are particularly suitable for the management of polymeric flocculating agents (polyelectrolytes), calcium carbonate, hydrated lime, white bentonite, activated carbon, sodium chloride, sodium phosphate, aluminium polychloride, quartzite, aluminium sulphates, urea, and many more besides.