Data Sheet

Technical Specifications

  • Product contact parts in AISI 304 or AISI 316L
  • 180 mesh exterior satin finish, Ra4 polished finish
  • 2B interior finish, Ra4 polished finish
  • Seals in NBR or food grade NBR (FDA)
  • Clear polycarbonate AISI 304 front port
  • Material extraction kit with pneumatic conveyor
  • Flat bottom extractor
  • Rubber gloves on polycarbonate port
  • Automatic bag cutting
  • Knurled roller lump breaker
  • Bag filter with built-in suction fan
  • Municipal and industrial water treatment plants
  • All sectors that use powders supplied in bags
  • No contact with the product.
  • When used with an extraction system, maximum safety for the operator’s health, especially when handling toxic substances


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Description and operation

The Definitive Ecology SSM series manual bag unloading station is used to empty bags containing powder or granular materials. Manufactured as standard in AISI 304 stainless steel, the bag unloading station can also be supplied in a fully enclosed version for use with hazardous materials. Can be equipped with an automatic cutting system (optional), rubber gloves for handling toxic and hazardous materials, or connected to an empty bags expulsion/compaction system. The machine is prearranged for connection to a centralised suction system or equipped with bag or cartridge filter.

Models available

  • SSM = manual bag emptying station