Description and operation

Thanks to synergies developed with group member companies (www.definitive-group.com) Definitive Ecology can supply plants and stand-alone machines for the management of powders and granular materials.

Backed by three decades of experience in industrial automation for powders and granular materials working in a very wide variety of product sectors (plastics, pharmaceutical, chemicals, food, zootechnics and many more), the Definitive Ecology can offer a full range of machines and accessories for a complete service, from raw materials storage to pneumatic transport, mixing, and precision dosage at the point of use.

Given the multiple characteristics of the raw materials to be treated, Definitive Ecology immediately concentrated on painstaking engineering of all its machines, especially the batch feeders, which are particularly suitable for the management of polymeric flocculating agents (polyelectrolytes), calcium carbonate, hydrated lime, white bentonite, activated carbon, sodium chloride, sodium phosphate, aluminium polychloride, quartzite, aluminium sulphates, urea, and many more besides.