Rotary drum screens
for in-channel installation – INFLOSCREEN FS

Data Sheet

Technical Specifications

  • Frame in AISI 304/316 stainless steel, depending on requirements
  • Shaftless spiral in high tensile carbon steel or AISI 304/316, depending on requirements
  • Flow rate up to 9000 m³/h (2,500 l/sec.)
  • Screen aperture 1 to 5 mm (perforated plate)
  • Screen spacing from 0.5 to 5 mm (self-cleaning wedge wire)
  • Drum diameter from 1,000 to 2,500 mm
  • Screenings washing system to reduce organic matter contents
  • Extracted solids collection system: in single bags or continuous liner
  • Starting from standard dimensions, the machine can be supplied in customized lengths in accordance with the screenings transport section


  • At the inlet to the treatment plant with MBR membrane technology
  • As a fine screening stage after coarse screening


  • Screening of industrial wastewater in general
  • Direct installation in the channel with no lifting pump required
  • Minimum risk of jamming and clogging, and separation of up to 80% of suspended solids
  • Drum cleaning with water washes via specific nozzles, with the facility to use recirculated water
  • No moving mechanical parts inside the drum
  • Ample drum-wastewater contact surface for reduced pressure drops and/or higher flow rates
  • Reduced organic matter contents in the extracted solids and reduced volumes for disposal
  • Solids extracting screw with shaftless spiral
  • No jamming or clogging, even in the case of very long and fibrous screenings
  • In-line or inclined extracting screw with respect to the drum axis. Easy and flexible installation
  • Extracting screw inclined by up to 50° with length up to and beyond 10 metres. Can be installed in very deep channels
  • Installation with four fixing points. Reduced costs and maximum ease of installation in existing plants


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Description and operation

Definitive Ecology INFLOSCREEN model FS is composed of a drum that is semi-submerged in the channel and installed horizontally in line with the influent wastewater. The frame is secured and sealed between the walls of the channel to avoid leakage with consequent efficiency losses. The drum can be supplied with a self-cleaning wedge wire to optimise solids separation and cleaning, with aperture from 0.5 to 5 mm, and with perforated plate with aperture of 1 or 5 mm. The drum is equipped with a washing system composed of medium pressure spray nozzles. A brush, installed on the outside of the rotary drum, provides optimal cleaning action. The drum turns on hard-wearing urethane wheels with ball bearings in AISI 304 stainless steel. Bearings lubrication is provided by grease nipples. There are no mechanical parts in the drum, while all parts subject to maintenance are located above the waterline. A chute collects the screenings, while a flow of water discharges them into a lifting and dewatering screw. This shaftless screw avoids possible clogging when handling long and/or fibrous products. The screw is composed of three sections:

  • First section to drain the water and wash the screenings.
  • Second section to lift the screenings.
  • Third section to compact and dewater the screenings after discharge.

The screening zone features a washing system for the solid contents, while an additional system is installed in the compaction zone to wash the compacting basket during the process, thus efficiently separating organic matter and reducing the screenings volume. The washing water flows through the screen and is discharged with the washed soluble components in the wastewater. The lifting screw can be supplied without the compaction zone on request.

The operating principle involves ingress of the wastewater flow in the drum, which, because it is closed on the bottom, forces the water to change direction and flow through the perforated surface of the drum while solids of larger size than the drum apertures are captured inside the drum. Lifting paddles located inside the drum extract the solids from the wastewater as the drum rotates, while a system of nozzles provides washing action with pressurised nozzles. The screenings and water are collected in a trough, which discharges them into a shaftless screw conveyor.

Models available

  • FS = INFLOSCREEN for in-channel installation, with shaftless screw that is not axially aligned with the drum