Definitive Ecology is a leader in the design and construction of machinery for primary treatment or mechanical treatment processes, for installation in the wastewater line of municipal and industrial water treatment plants.

A comprehensive range of machines and accessories designed for screening of suspended solids, screenings treatment, grit treatment, screw conveyors, and combined units incorporating multiple treatment stages based on the specific requirements of the treatment plants.

Definitive Ecology is a member of Definitive Group (, an organisation created by several companies operating in the forefront of their sectors, all based in the north Italian province of Modena.


Definitive Ecology was incorporated in 2014 based on the experience of Filtran, with its 20-years of experience as the point of reference in the wastewater pre-treatment sector, taking over the management of the business and the extensive offering of top quality products and services.

The acquisition process was completed in 2016, and today the Filtran brand is fully owned and controlled by Definitive Ecology srl.


The tradition and prestige of the Filtran brand continue today more than ever before, now backed up by the innovation and constant research of Definitive Ecology, the ideal partner of engineering companies, plant makers and installers, for the construction of machines for municipal and industrial wastewater treatments, with special expertise in slaughtering, food processing, beverages, tanneries, livestock farms, paper and pulp, and many other sectors.

Armed with its legacy of hands-on experience, developed through the successful installation and operation of thousands of plants worldwide, Definitive Ecology today offers top quality machinery and an unparalleled level of service, from engineering support during the project analysis stage to technical assistance throughout the installation process.

Definitive Ecology combines wide-ranging technical skills with the ability to customize each individual application to respond perfectly to the diversified needs of its customers and the requirements of their projects.


After having certified all processes and welding operators in compliance with EN ISO 15613:2005 and EN ISO 15614-1:2012, the company is currently in the process of securing internal quality system certification to ISO 9001.