Screw screens
for small communities

Data Sheet

Specifiche Tecniche

  • Frame in AISI 304/316 stainless steel, depending on requirements
  • Shaftless spiral in high tensile carbon steel or AISI 304/316, depending on requirements
  • Flow rate up to 100 m³/h (28 l/sec.)
  • Screen aperture from 2 to 7 mm (perforated plate)
  • Screen width 200 mm
  • Minimum inclination angle 10°
  • Maximum inclination angle 70°
  • Screenings washing system to reduce organic matter contents
  • Insulation and heating for installation in very cold climates
  • Starting from standard dimensions, the machine can be supplied in customized lengths in accordance with the transport section


  • At the plant inlet, typical spacing of 5 mm
  • As a fine screening stage, after coarse screening, with 2 mm screen apertures or less in self-cleaning wedge wire


  • Airport services for aircraft vacuum toilet waste disposal
  • Motorway services
  • Wineries
  • Textile industries
  • Supermarkets
  • Mountain refuge facilities
  • Holiday villages
  • Low investment profile
  • Reduced maintenance due to the absence of screw end bearings and intermediate hangers
  • No mechanical components in contact with the product
  • Reduced rotation speed
  • Shaftless spiral: no risk of jamming and/or clogging, even when handling fibrous products


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Description and operation

The Definitive Ecology screw screen for small communities is a small machine, typically used for pit installation with wastewater inlet by means of an open or closed screen basket solution. The closed screen basket model can be connected to the inlet pipeline by means of flanges. The closed screen basket solution also features a bypass so it can handle sudden changes in flow rate. The machine is composed of a perforated plate screen with apertures from 2 mm to 7 mm and a screw conveyor to lift the solids separated from the wastewater.

Operating principle: with the passage of wastewater through the screen, solids of dimensions greater than the required aperture / spacing are intercepted, thus binding the screen and causing a rise in the liquid level in the pit.
Once a pre-determined level is reached upstream from the screen, the screenings screw conveyor is started.

Brushes, installed on the outer edges of the spiral, make it possible to clean the screen and hence restore the passage of wastewater through the screen, consequently lowering the water level in the pit until reaching the minimum level probe which will stop the screw.

Meodels available

  • SFm = screw screen for pit installation