Description and operation

Designed for medium and low flow rates, Definitive Ecology screw screens can treat wastewater of all types, in municipal and industrial applications.

Our screw screens can be easily installed in all treatment plants equipped with reinforced concrete infrastructure and also in pipe-based plants.

Fine screening is performed with a perforated plate screen or self-cleaning wedge wire with aperture / spacing of between 0.25 mm and 10 mm.

If required, the machine can be combined with a compacting stage to dewater the screenings, after assessing the volume of filamentary solids considered for the wastewater treatment market in the country of installation to avoid potential blockages or malfunctioning of the machines.

Definitive Ecology also complies with specific requirements in the case of installation in particularly problematic plants, characterised by the presence of large quantities of filamentary solids: to deal with situations of this type Definitive Ecology can supply special screens custom designed for the specific application type.

A complete range of accessories makes it possible to customize each machine in compliance with the various requirements of the plant and/or the installation environment.

More than 2,000 machines installed all over the world over 20 years of operations make Definitive Ecology screens a point of reference in the wastewater pretreatment market.