RDm / MRDm

Description and operation

The Definitive Ecology RDm and MRDm rotary drum screens are designed for fine screening in municipal and/or industrial wastewater treatment plants with membrane bioreactors. These machines, which are designed to handle medium-high flow rates, find their ideal application in the presence of high concentrations of suspended solids, F.O.G. substances and fibrous products, and are capable of treating wastewater of all types in both municipal and industrial environments. The wastewater enters the machine via a pipeline, by gravity or pump feed. The liquid subsequently enters the drum via a quiescent tank with a spillway.

Fine screening is performed with a perforated plate screen with aperture of 1 mm or 2 mm. The availability of a complete range of accessories means that each machine can be customized depending on the plant requirements; the accessories available include a shaftless screw compactor that can reduce the volume of screenings by up to 40%, thus reducing the significant water contents

The machine is made in two models: RDm for medium and high flow rates, and MRDm for low flow rates.