Data Sheet

Technical Specifications

  • Frame in AISI 304/316 stainless steel, depending on requirements
  • Shaftless spirals in high tensile carbon steel or AISI 304/316 stainless steel, depending on requirements
  • Lifting pipe: in stainless steel with stainless steel wear bars. The construction solution allows easy replacement of the bars
  •  Screenings washing system: high efficiency type. Allows washing of the screenings and reduces the risk of grit settling in front of the screen
  •  Inlet: “Perrot” type quick coupler with electrically operated ball valve
  •  System for bagging extracted solids: in single bags or continuous liner
  •  Maximum inlet flow rate: 100 m³/h
  • Stone Trap model for gravel and stones removal
  • System for bagging extracted solids: in single bags or continuous liner
  • Septic tank soil treatment plant
  • Shaftless spiral, so no jamming even in the presence of long fibrous material and other hard-to-transport products
  •  Grit separation
  •  No mechanical components in contact with the product
  •  The machine can operate without the presence of an operator
  •  Reduced rotation speed
  •  Reduction of screenings volume of up to 40% and more, depending on the nature of the products
  •  Reduced investment
  •  No civil works required
  •  Reduced maintenance costs
  •  Reduced installation costs
  •  Reduced space requirements
  •  Absence or reduced presence of organic matter in screenings at discharge
  •  Reduced volume of products for disposal
  •  No feed pump required


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Description and operation

In Definitive Ecology’s STU/2 septic sludge receiving station with grit classification, the vacuum truck tank is connected to the plant inlet by means of a “Perrot” quick coupler and an electrically operated ball valve.
Once discharge has started, solids larger than the spacing are retained on the screen. This results in a rise in the liquid level upstream of the screen: when the level reaches a pre-determined value screw rotation and the screenings washing system are started.
The solids are lifted, washed and compacted/dewatered just after being unloaded.
The wastewater leaving the screen enters the separation tank where the grit settles. A reduced rotation speed screw now removes the grit and transports it above the liquid level. The same screw transports the grit to the outlet.
During transport the grit is dewatered before reaching the outlet.

Models available

  • STU/2 = compact soil treatment unit with grit classification