FSm / FSHm

Description and operation

Definitive Ecology’s FSm and FSHm rotary drum screens are efficient solutions for fine screening of municipal and industrial wastewater for membrane bioreactor type plants.

Designed to handle medium-high flow rates, the two rotary drum screens are designed for installation in a reinforced concrete channel and are both equipped with a screenings transport system. Fine screening is performed exclusively with perforated plate with 1 mm or 2 mm aperture. The line includes two types of machines: the first is an FSm model, mounted horizontally in the channel and consequently semi-submerged in the wastewater, with an extracting screw that is not axially aligned with the drum; the second is an FSHm model with the extracting screw perfectly coaxial with the drum. While both solutions are highly efficient, model FSm offers several advantages, including, above all, the possibility of restricting the size of the machine thanks to the opportunity to exploit the surface of the drum (semi-submerged in the wastewater) far more effectively, in addition to reduced and, particularly, simplified maintenance, which can be carried out directly in the channel without having to extract the machine.

Model FSHm can also be supplied for in-tank installation.