Data Sheet

Technical Specifications

  • Frame in AISI 304/316 stainless steel, depending on requirements
  • Shaftless spiral in high tensile carbon steel or AISI 304/316, depending on requirements
  • Flow rate up to 4 m³/h
  • Screw diameter up to 280 mm
  • Depending on the application, reduction of solids volume of up to 80%
  • Perforated drainage screen in the inlet zone
  • Draining transport screen
  • Flexible hose connecting the drain outlets
  • Generically compatible with municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants for compaction and washing of screenings after coarse and/or fine screening
  • Shaftless spiral, without end bearings or intermediate hangers so no risk of jamming or clogging, even when handling fibrous or long suspended solids
  • No mechanical components in contact with the product
  • Low rotation speed for reduced power consumption and wear
  • Volume reduction of up to 80% depending on the nature of the product
  • Reduction of organic matter


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Description and operation

The Definitive Ecology combined washing and compaction machine features an anti-jamming shaftless spiral, used to transport, wash and compact/dewater screenings and all other types of solids, also those containing fibrous materials. The machine is composed of three sections: water inlet valve, transport zone, compaction/dewatering zone and discharge. The machine is installed at an angle of inclination from 5° to 25° to allow return of the water from the washing zone to the compaction/dewatering zone. The solids to be compacted enter the machine from the feeding zone: surplus water is expelled from the screen. The shaftless spiral transports the solids to the double washing system where organic matter is removed. The screenings then enter the first compaction/dewatering zone where a “plug” is formed. Before being unloaded, the screenings are further compacted thanks to a special “presser fingers” system in the second compaction zone. The water is expelled via a screen basket in the washing zone. There is a washing system installed in both the drainage zones to keep the system clean.

Models available

  • SW = shaftless screw for washing & compaction